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RECARO SR-7 Authentic


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This global standard model inherits the buy RECARO SR-7 online tradition. It offers excellent seating performance in all situations from daily sports driving to long drives. It fits all types of vehicles. The SR-7 gives a slightly milder impression than SR-6, which emphasizes a sharp sports feel. It’s also a great way to dress up your car. 

RECARO SR-7 Authentic,
original fabric, no torn middle cloth silver glass mesh Gray stitching,
recaro embroidery front and back
Manufacturer: Recaro Japan
Part Number: R-SR-7KK-R
Weight: 10kg
Shell Material: Tubular
Main Colour: Red
Material: Fabric
Certification: Non Fia Approved
The sports seat that brings sports & comfort into a good balance.The RECARO SR-7 belongs to the RECARO SR sports seat line-up that currently consists of 3 models, the SR-6, SR-7 and SR-11. All of them have the same seat structure, but each of these 3 models have a different approach:The RECARO SR-6 is the model focusing on performance and sporty driving feeling. The SR-7 offers both sporty and comfortable driving, whereas the SR-11 focuses more on driving comfort. Each seat shape and the hardness of the urethane pad in each seat differ from the other.

At first sight, the RECARO SR-7 stands particularly out due to its innovative plain and timeless design. One advantage of simple and functional forms?is that they look more valuable and distinguished. Also they are not bound to short-time trends.

Another great advantage of the RECARO SR-7 is that it can be used so universally, as this design is attractive to a very wide range of customers and cars giving each of them an individual touch. The RECARO SR -7 is the right seat for people who want to enjoy sporty driving pleasure and long driving comfort as it combines both features. It offers a good balance of the headrest part, the shoulder part, the backrest centre part and the seat cushion centre region. Finally, the right hardness and density of the urethane pad of the seat cushion and side support part complete these features.

That means that the RECARO SR-7 has a wide range drivers to whom it will suit as it fits to drivers preferring sports cars and sporty way of driving, to drivers who prefer comfort functions and focus on comfortable driving, but even as well to drivers who like both, depending on their current situation and environment.

Stepless recliner (dial type for both sides), shoulder support, lumbar support (pad insertion type) belt holes for safety harness, high grip side support, long & deep seat cushion, rubber mat suspension system.


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