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2007-2013 CHEVY Truck BED GREY (6.5FT)


This is a used bed off of a Texas truck. It has severe damage on the driver side. There is a dent in front of the wheel well towards the bottom of the bed on the passenger bedside that can be repaired. This bed can have the driver bedside replaced or the floor and passenger bedside can be used on another bed. Damage can be seen in pictures. Rust free from Texas.


Option Included Not Included
Gooseneck hole X
Spray in bed liner X
Drop in bed liner X
Bedrail caps X
Taillights X
Tailgate X
  • It does not make a difference if your truck is four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive. The badges on the side are just stickers and make no mechanical difference.


  • Price has been adjusted for damage.


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2007-2013 CHEVY Truck BED GREY 6.5FT. Please click on the size of your truck bed for in-stock inventory. 5.8′ Short Bed 6.5′ Short Bed 8′ Long Bed Dually Bed.  Chevy Truck Bed Grey (6.5FT).


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