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20″ Ford F-150 TREMOR OEM rims wheels black


Condition: New,

Rim Material: Alloy,

Color: Black,



Buy 20″ Ford F-150 TREMOR OEM rims wheels black Online

20″ Ford F-150 TREMOR OEM rims wheels black, you’re not just driving a truck; you’re commanding the off-road with power and style. One of the most impactful ways to enhance your TREMOR’s appearance and performance is by upgrading to 20″ black OEM rims. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of OEM rims, delve into the features of the black rims designed for the F-150 TREMOR, and guide you through the installation process. Buckle up as we navigate the rugged terrain of customization.

OEM Rims: The Heart of Vehicle Customization

Before we dive into the world of black OEM rims, let’s understand the importance of choosing OEM components. OEM rims are crafted by the vehicle manufacturer, ensuring a seamless fit and maintaining the highest standards of quality. When it comes to customization..

Condition: New, Brand: Ford, Rim Material: Alloy, Tire Brand: Kenda, Color: Black, Rim Width: 8.5, Manufacturer Part Number: 10345, ML3Z-1007-HA, ML341007HA, 95025, Quantity: 4, Rim Diameter: 20, Bolt Pattern: 6×135, Offset: 44


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